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How to optimize your Travel website?

The travel industry can definitely be quoted as one of the initial industries that went into digital marketing. The digital optimization of the travel industry started about 20 years ago, with travel agencies sending emails and ads about different locations alone America. The trend from America was quickly distributed around the world, opening up a large market for travel agencies. With the passing years, all kinds of businesses in the travel industry have switched to digital marketing. However, the strategies used by the travel industry for digital marketing are still very old. Here are some of my tricks and trips to optimize your travel website so that you can get maximum traffic as well as conversion without paying a huge amount to run the ads.

Research Research and Research

Research especially keyword research is the biggest aspect of search engine optimization. As the travel industry is very competitive, a lot of common keywords in the industry already have great difficulty ranking. As a small business, do not attempt to rank this difficult keyword. Compare the keyword difficulty and volume before you decide if any of the keywords are worth your time and budget. Sometimes a small twist can help you rank very quickly and get easy traffic. Using long till Ki old or new keyboard that has been traveling is a graduate to rank and gate traffic quickly. When you have good research skills, then you will obviously find some keywords that have so low difficulty that you can rank them within a few weeks on the first page.

Built only one backlink at a time

Before a few years ago, SEO was all about getting the maximum quantity of backlinks. But as Google has become smarter and quicker, it’s now focus is on the quality of the backlinks. So do not attempt to get a lot of backlinks and focus less on increasing the domain ratio or the page ratio itself. Please note that one quality backlink from a genuine site is more valuable than 200 backlinks from a useless new traffic site. So, do not attempt to go for a quick fixed to your SEO problem. Note that ranking your website in Google is a long-term business strategy and if you try to rank it quickly then you are bound to fall. It’s not easy to get quality backlinks and you might have to get hundreds of emails to get one of those links that you can afford and also have good traffic.

PS: It is easier to give back links from the news site if you can provide them with genuine information about real-life issues. New sites often provide press releases with do-follow-back links for third parties. So use that. We have used this logic for our page Manaslu Circuit Trek.

It does mean that you should not go for any other social directories and social media, but make a few quality ones too. Using forums can also be very good for getting backlinks.

Do Local SEO

If the travel industry of your country is very competitive with a lot of international tourists, then it might be impossible to rank in a short time. So, you can rank as a business through technical SEO practices. So if your business prioritizes a specific area and has gained the trust of people in that area, it is easy to rank for a particular location.


When it comes to digital marketing for the travel industry, reviews hold great importance. Instead of focusing on writing unnecessary things all over your website, try to build reviews genuinely on the third-party website. Good reviews on sites like Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, and Google Reviews really help you to gain the trust of your customers as well as gives you good business. You can display these reviews from third parties on your website to convert your clicks into bookings.

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