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How to Remove Google Photos Duplicates in 2024?

Google Photos offers exact duplicate detection, hence if you have already uploaded pictures to Google Photos, they won’t re-upload the same one. The de-duplicating tool will scan to determine whether they have been previously uploaded. Should they have, it will skip the photo upload, examine the next one, and so forth. It will thus seem as though it is posting the previously posted images once more, but it will only cycle through all the images and only upload those that were not previously uploaded.

The picture backup client will only show one copy of a duplicate and hide/merge other copies. This relates just to exact copies. If you see what appear to be duplicates in your Google Photos account, they most likely either are copies of the same picture altered in some capacity or they are near duplicates. Google Photos will not view two photographs as duplicates if even one bit differs between them. Today with the help of this article we are going to showcase some of the best ways to remove duplicate photos in 2024.

Best Ways to Delete Duplicates from Google Photos

Continue reading this article as it will enlighten you with the best techniques that you can use to clean the duplicate images from the Google Photos app without using the Best Duplicate Photo Remover. But first, let’s check the common reasons behind this issue.

Common Reasons Why Google Photos Has Duplicate Images

Since Google Photos does not reupload the submitted photographs, you may be wondering how it is possible for there to be duplicate photos on the service. Before you start making copies of your Google Photos, make sure you’ve considered every conceivable reason:

  • The ability to upload files from a variety of devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Printed out many copies of the edited photographs since your edits were undetectable.
  • Duplicate images in Google Drive might also occur as a result of technical issues.
  • When you enable the backup option and add a new device to Google Photos, you will end up with duplicate photographs.
  • Duplicate images may also be created while using a new phone, computer, or PC that has been reformatted.

Method 1: Delete Duplicates by Searching Them Individually

To efficiently remove duplicate photographs in Google Photos, use the Search function. While it is not possible to erase all duplicate photographs simultaneously, it is possible to rapidly locate duplicate photos. Google Photos will evaluate and categorize all of your photographs based on Google’s algorithm. For instance, if you want to locate photographs taken at the seaside during a journey, you can effortlessly do a search using a phrase such as “beach”, which would display all the images associated with the beach.

Step1: If you are using a computer, use a web browser and go to the Google Photos website. If you are using an iPhone or Android phone, launch the Google Photos application.

Step2: Simply tap/click the search box and input your desired query, whether it be for individuals, animals, objects, or locations.

Step3: The system will generate a list of photographs that have visual similarities based on the keywords you provide. Choose the images you want to remove and transfer them to the waste receptacle.

Method 2: Remove Duplicates Using Files by Google Application

One effective software for removing duplicate photographs on Android is Files by Google. Unfortunately, this app is only compatible with local storage, so you’ll need to have all of your Google Photos photographs on your phone. With the help of the Files by Google program, you may find a comprehensive guide on erasing duplicates in Google Photos here: 

Step1: Once you’ve downloaded and opened the Files by Google app on your mobile device. Next, hit the “Clean” button located at the very base.

Step2: Find the “Cleaning” choices near the bottom of the screen and press “Clean.” 

Step3: Next, on the page that appears, choose the “Select Files” option.

Step4: On the screen that appears, choose “Delete” from the list of duplicate files. 

Step5: For confirmation of deletion, press the “Delete” button one more. Everything is finished!

Method 3: Use The Identical Duplicate Detection Feature

Google’s “identical duplication detection” function tries its best to forestall total copying. Before you upload any photos to the cloud, this will scan them for information and content to ensure sure no one else has done so. Because it is automatically activated and may eliminate duplicates without user input, it is straightforward to use. You may try uploading an already-uploaded photograph to your account again. You may test whether your device has duplication detection working properly by doing this. 

Wrapping Up

Although Google Photos performs a decent job of spotting duplicates during upload, it does not provide a built-in way to handle the current duplicates quickly. You can manually or with software eliminate the undesired duplicates. There are several approaches suggested in this post; you can select the one that fits you most. Precious storage space will be released and photo searching will be more fun after you delete duplicates in Google Photos.

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