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IPL Sponsorships: Brands That Dominate Cricket Advertising

Sponsorship is an important part of IPL’s marketing strategy and not only helps generate revenue but also increases brand awareness. In 2022, TATA became the official sponsor of the IPL. The Tata Group paid around Rs 600 crore for the title sponsorship. Their digital streaming partner was Disney Plus Hotstar. Brands like Dream11, Unacademy, CRED, Unstocks, Paytm, CEAT, Aramco, Myntra, Cadbury, Dairy, Rupay Boat, and others also sponsored the IPL and were part of their advertising budget. This list grows every year.

Dream 11 claims that before partnering with IPL as a fantasy gaming partner in 2018, they had 50 thousand users. After advertising the brand in IPL, their user base increased at an unimaginable rate, and in just 5 years the number of users increased to 12 crores, and in 2020 they became the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League. The popularity of live sports betting in cricket is growing at the same rate; this is a good opportunity to raise interest in the game.

The IPL is currently in its highest phase and is considered one of the biggest cricket competitions in the world. This is the highest bar for other leagues. The IPL conducts well-organized research covering every aspect of the league, from the player auction to the opening of the tournament and the matches themselves. These studies help IPL officials make informed decisions on various aspects of the league such as tournament planning, venues, and player acquisitions. The IPL also conducts extensive market research to identify trends in the world of cricket and understand fan preferences. It’s even more interesting to follow this by making predictions on the Indian live betting site.

Cell phone company 

Vodafone’s Zoos are cute egg-shaped characters that have become iconic. They first appeared on Indian screens during the 2009 IPL in South Africa, where the tournament was then held due to scheduling conflicts with the general elections that year.

As the years passed, these FMCG and consumer durables brands were gradually squeezed out of the IPL advertising space. They have been replaced by new brands of e-commerce, financial and educational technologies, payments, and delivery services. Examples of such brands are Cred, BYJU, and Swiggy.

Snack company 

“In the past, soft drinks, Lays chips, and telecom led the way in the IPL advertising, while now, new entrants have emerged, especially the companies that offer financial services”. Yudhajit Mukherjee of the Gurugram-based ad agency The Glitch said in a conversation about the new advertising trend in IPL. He observed that through a company’s own research, insurance and finance were the primary sectors that accounted for 90 percent of all IPL service-related advertisements.

This shift in market dynamics conveys the message that India has attained the status of a large, rapidly growing digital market, and a lot of money is being spent on digital brands. India is poised to become the largest digital market in the world in the next few years, Abhishek added.

“Well, this is the country with the fastest-growing e-commerce industry. So, it is no wonder that smartphones, telecom, and FMCG are in such high demand because they are the future,” Mukherjee said: “As competition is very fierce, brands should define their differentiators here”. Create an engaging title for your article: “The Ethical Considerations of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Balancing Benefits and Risks for Consumers”.

What’s the result?

Women’s advertising shot skyward by 57 percent last year, and women comprised 43 percent of IPL viewership in 2020. The IPL is a very popular cricket league all around the world. Thus, this makes it a valuable marketing tool for companies that earn most of their income through advertisements for brands associated with the league.


It is because of its advertising features that the IPL is referred to as an Indian equivalent of an American Super Bowl. This analogy however is quite apt, since the Super Bowl is the epitome of the NFL’s American football game and each edition of the event is the launching pad for the biggest marketing campaigns of the coming year.

More than 100 brands will be featured in the ad break as Star Sports and Disney+ Hotstar, the official TV and OTT platforms of IPL. Digital finance, hyperlocal delivery services, payment systems, and streaming platforms are all fresh services that want to place an ad in the IPL.

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