TechnologyStay Cool and Save Energy with Dawlance AC 15 PowerCon

Stay Cool and Save Energy with Dawlance AC 15 PowerCon

With its advanced inverter technology, it adapts to changing temperature conditions, providing optimal performance while keeping energy consumption in check.You do not wish to endure the summer’s intense heat. However, you also don’t want your monthly electricity cost to be extremely high. The good news is that even if you use air conditioning, there are easy ways to avoid having a large power bill.

Dawlance AC 15 PowerCon Cool and Save the Energy

Some features of Dawlance AC 15 Powercon help you to save energy.

Interior AC vehicle cleaning

With their Self Cleaning Feature, you can now remove dust particles from the inside of your split air conditioner, including the evaporator. This prolongs the life of interior coils while also giving your family clean, hygienic air.

Warm and Chill

With the Dual Technology of our Multi-Function Air Conditioners, which allows you to have heating and cooling with only a single button push, you are now covered for both summer and winter.

Feature of Memory Resumption

Your most recent settings with Auto Memorized PCB will remain intact in the event of a power outage. The AC will restart with the same configurations.

Low Voltage Function

Their air conditioner can run continuously at as low as 150V, even in situations where there is significant power fluctuation.

Gold Fin

This floor-standing air conditioner has upgraded Hydrophilic & Heat technology, which guards against corrosive materials and corrosion.

Ways to Save Energy by Dawlance AC

You can use these ways for Dawlance AC 30 mega T plus.

Appropriate Setup

The simplest method for lowering your air conditioner energy costs is to do this. An improper installation will increase the workload on your air conditioning machine, decreasing its longevity and efficiency while also raising your monthly electricity costs.

Always have the installation done by a qualified service expert. Likely, a local handyman won’t do it well if you hire him to do it. In more severe circumstances, incorrect installation can also void your warranty.

Keep the room insulated and away from direct sunlight

Make sure your outdoor air conditioning unit is not positioned in a direction that exposes it to direct sunlight for extended periods. Additionally, make sure the room where the unit is located has a relatively small number of windows and doors that allow sunlight to enter and increase the temperature. This lowers the operational effectiveness of your air conditioner by increasing its performance load.

Make sure all doors and windows are closed as well. Warm air from the outside will enter the cooling room if they aren’t. Once more, this increases the amount of effort your unit must put out to keep the room cool, which raises your utility costs.

Continuous Use

Using an air conditioner will strain both the device and its parts. Turn off your air conditioner when you’re not in the room or once it’s sufficiently chilled. This will provide the device with a break and get it ready for optimal operation when you switch it on again. It will, of course, also lower your energy costs.

Continual Upkeep and Repair

Ask your manufacturer about maintenance and servicing options when you purchase an air conditioner. Like any other machine, your air conditioner needs routine maintenance. All parts are inspected during servicing, and coils are cleaned of any dust or debris. Any issues with lubrication and oil are also resolved. Every task completed during maintenance lowers energy costs.

Using a thermostat that is set too low

Summertime temperatures are extremely high; they can reach 40 degrees Celsius in the early or late summer. Your air conditioner will work harder if you have it set to a temperature lower than 18 C. In general, you would feel cool and at ease at about 20 to 25 C. Therefore, it is not necessary to set the temperature lower than is necessary. By keeping the AC in the 20–25 C range, you may avoid excessive energy costs and prevent your air conditioner from running nonstop.

Select the best energy-saving, star-rated air conditioner

Estimating an air conditioner’s cooling effectiveness is made easier by looking at its star rating. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has supplied this star rating for the benefit of the public.


An air conditioner can have a maximum star rating of five or a minimum star rating of one. When it comes to cooling your space, a 5-star air conditioner is more efficient than a 1 or 2-star air conditioner. In other words, a 5-star air conditioner cools a space more quickly and consumes less energy than a 1- or 2-star one.


Your air conditioner will use less electricity and save energy when you put it in ECO mode, but there are some trade-offs. So feel free to use ECO mode most of the time if these exchanges don’t bother you! Considering that adopting this energy-efficient choice ultimately leads to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. 

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