EntertainmentThe Neeraj Grover Murder Case: A Grisly Crime that Shocked India

The Neeraj Grover Murder Case: A Grisly Crime that Shocked India

In 2008, India was rocked by a brutal and sensational murder case that would go on to become one of the most infamous crimes in the country’s history. The victim was Neeraj Grover, a 27-year-old television executive who was found murdered in his Mumbai apartment. The case was particularly shocking due to its gruesome nature and the involvement of a high-profile suspect.

The Crime

On May 7, 2008, Neeraj Grover’s body was discovered by his father in their apartment in Mumbai’s upscale Malad suburb. He had been stabbed multiple times and his body was set on fire in an apparent attempt to destroy evidence. The police investigation that followed revealed a complex web of relationships and motives that would lead them to the prime suspect.

The Suspects

The main suspect in the case was Emile Jerome Matthew, a 25-year-old naval engineer who was also Neeraj’s friend. However, it was Emile’s girlfriend, Maria Susairaj, a 27-year-old actress, who would become the central figure in the case. Maria was a small-time actress who had appeared in a few television shows and films, and she had a reputation for being manipulative and controlling.

The Investigation

The police investigation revealed that Maria had been in a relationship with Neeraj, and that Emile had become obsessed with her. Maria had been using both men to further her career and had been playing them against each other. On the night of the murder, Emile and Maria had gone to Neeraj’s apartment, where an argument ensued. Emile had stabbed Neeraj multiple times, and Maria had helped him set the body on fire.

The Trial

The trial was a highly publicized and dramatic affair, with Maria’s manipulative behavior and Emile’s obsession taking center stage. The prosecution argued that Maria was the mastermind behind the crime, using Emile to do her bidding. The defense, on the other hand, claimed that Emile had acted alone and that Maria was innocent.

The Verdict

In 2011, Emile was convicted of murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Maria was acquitted of the murder charge but convicted of destroying evidence and sentenced to three years in prison. The verdict was seen as a miscarriage of justice by many, who believed that Maria had played a more significant role in the crime.


The Neeraj Grover murder case is a chilling reminder of the destructive power of obsession and manipulation. The case serves as a warning about the dangers of toxic relationships and the devastating consequences of allowing them to spiral out of control. It also highlights the need for a more effective justice system, one that can hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes and provide justice for the victims and their families.

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