BusinessThe Role of Immigration Lawyers: Do You Need One?

The Role of Immigration Lawyers: Do You Need One?

While applying for the immigration process, many of the people get stuck into situations which are not easy to get out from. On the other hand, some people just don’t know where to start their immigration journey. In order to let you out of all the confusion, immigration lawyers play a crucial role.

Continue reading this article to find out how immigration lawyers affect your immigration journey, and when you need to hire one.

What is an immigration lawyer?

Immigration lawyer refers to a person who has done specialisation in the immigration process. They are there to offer guidance and support to the people applying for immigration processes. An immigration lawyer takes the responsibility to represent the individuals and their families and businesses who want to deal with immigration related matters.

Understanding the role of immigration lawyers?

If you are looking for a person who can help you with your green card petitions, Visa applications, asylum claims, deportation defence, and other immigration issues,  then The role of an immigration lawyer is essential for you to understand. Some of the best immigration agency in India, provide immigration attorney services as well. The role of immigration lawyers is described below:

Document preparation

It is an immigration attorney’s job to help your clients in preparing and submitting important documents to the immigration authorities. These documents might include Visa applications, green cards petitions, employment authorisation documents, and asylum claims.

Representing the client

The role of immigration lawyers is not only limited to document preparation and guidance. Immigration lawyers actually represent the client in front of immigration authorities and immigration courts. They also attend meetings and hearings on the behalf of their clients.

Naturalisation and citizenship

If you are looking to get a citizenship or naturalisation in any country, for example, Australia, then You might require professional help. Australia Immigration consultants in Hyderabad  are there to offer professional counselling In legal matters, so that getting a naturalisation or citizenship becomes easier for you.

Solve unfavourable immigration issues

The role of immigration lawyers becomes even crucial when you are going to problems, such as your immigration application being denied, or if you are facing deportation, or maybe you have not gotten a response for a reasonable amount of time. In all these situations an immigration lawyer can help you to identify the root cause of the problem and help you make better decisions accordingly to the situation.

Employment services

Some immigration lawyers also specialised in immigration cases which are based on employment issues. Therefore, if you wish to pursue job opportunities abroad to uplift your career, then they can help you to get work visas or permits.


Can an immigration lawyer help me migrate with a child?

Yes, immigration consultants can aid you to make a strong case when migrating with a child.

How much does an immigration lawyer cost?

The cost of an immigration lawyer varies widely depending on multiple factors and the complexity of your case. Usually it can range from 150$ – $300.

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