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Web Designing: Questions to Ask Your Developer

A business website is more than just a . From acting as your business and its representative, it is one of the easiest ways for your customers to connect with you, it serves multiple purposes, which is why it makes sense for you to look for the right web design team. Before you hire a team, remember to ask a few important questions to gauge their capabilities.

Questions to Ask Your Web Design Agency

You can and should ask your web design agency all the questions that you have on your mind, but here are a few important ones that you should definitely consider asking:

What kind of research would you do for a business like this?

After the initial meeting, this should be the first question you ask your web design company. The scope of this question covers everything you may need, loosely. The web designing agency’s response will allow you to understand what to expect from them. A good company should be able to tell you how they will go about studying your business and its competitors.

Note: Choose the web designing agency that understands you, your business and its goals. Furthermore, even if they don’t, they should be able to show that they are interested in understanding the ins and outs of your business.

Will you review my website before starting on a new one?

Generally, your potential web design agency should agree to this. If they don’t, it is a red flag. For a developer or an agency, understanding your needs comes with them understanding the gaps in your previous or present website. The best way for a web developer to understand what doesn’t work for you is to check what you already have. Checking your present website will not only give them a way to clearly understand what you want to see but also open the door to discussing how you envision your website to look.

Note: A small website, which has about 10 pages, should be pretty easy to review. Your web design team should be able to give you instant feedback. For websites larger than 10 pages, they could give you a preliminary overview and a detailed review in a couple of days.

How do you utilise SEO during the web design process?

Choose an organisation that offers you the most satisfactory answer to this question. A good website designing organisation will tell you the following things:

  • SEO is a part of their process, so you should rest easy.
  • During the designing phase, the page UX is improved for maximum usability.
  • They optimise the content for your website to not only appeal to your customers but also to rank on search engines.
  • Make sure that the technical aspect of your website is optimised.

Note: If you’re not SEO-savvy, and have questions when the team or the organisation representative is telling you about SEO, ask the questions you have. The answers and the ability to explain complex terms to a layman can also help you evaluate the company’s communication and knowledge. Always choose the organisation that patiently explains what you don’t understand.

Some More Tips to Choose a Good Web Designing Services

Apart from the basic questions above, here are a few things, tips and questions that will help you find the best web design in Geelong and Melbourne or anywhere else:

  • When you’re meeting the team of designers for your website, pay attention to the number of questions they ask about your website and customers. If you hear them ask questions, then it is a good sign because they are interested in designing a website that aligns with your business and goals.
  • Always check their portfolio. The websites they have already designed and are live will help you gauge their skills. If you want, you can also ask about the performance of their previous websites.
  • Communication is key, so you should always pick the team that offers you open communication. Since web designing is an intricate process, you and your chosen team of developers should have an open channel of communication.
  • When you’re hiring a team of website designers, pay close attention to how they respond to your budget. It is natural for the organisation to recommend a few add-ons. However, if they continue to push a few add-ons and additional services after you tell them that you’re on a strict budget, then it is a red flag and you should look for some other company.
  • When you’re hiring a web designing team, remember to ask if they will maintain the website as well, and if so what will they charge you. Some web designers design the website but don’t maintain it, so this is an important question to ask.

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