BusinessWhat Software Options are Available for MEP Estimating?

What Software Options are Available for MEP Estimating?

Have you ever wondered why MEP Estimating services are so accurate in their findings? What is the reason behind their successful outcome? Well, there are multiple reasons for this. Namely, experienced estimator, competency, relative skillset, alertness and much more. However, the innovation of computer software in the field of construction estimation has been a game changer. Previously, cost estimations were done manually which resulted in tons of error. The shift towards software introduced error-free calculations. Estimators who are adept in their work plus have a keen knowledge of technology, are able to present a clear-cut MEP estimate. In the construction industry, the significance of MEP systems is well known. It can range from the light bulbs in your home to the drainage system in a washroom. Most of the basic structures in the building work on the foundation of MEP. Nowadays, no building is able to function without it. Accuracy in MEP estimations is important for the positive achievement of construction projects.

Significance of Estimating Software 

Technological software has taken over the world. Their usage has become prevalent due to their performance. Estimating has become more precise with technological inventions. Whether it is MEP Estimating for a House or a commercial building, software programs are used widely.  Construction estimating companies often incorporate the use of software into their analysis. They combine a traditional approach with a modern outlook. One such company is MEP Estimating who use a variety of software for their construction estimations. Some software is described down below:


Planswift is an estimation software that’s been making headway in construction projects. It was developed in 2007 in Utah. There have been many upgrades to it and new features have been added. The most recent one is notorious for being user-friendly. It allows one to impart blueprints and analyze them carefully. One can evaluate construction quantity takeoffs. How much material, equipment, or labor is required in an MEP System? Its cost estimates are reliable as well.

 Planswift not only saves cost but time as well. It has a feature for creating custom reports as well so one can easily communicate takeoffs to other personals. This increases collaboration and teamwork resulting in increased productivity. Planswift consists of multiple tools such as

  • QuickBooks (accounting software)
  • Bluebeam (PDF editor)
  • Autodesk (3d modelling)
  • Excel (Project Management)


Xactimate is another software that can be used by MEP estimating services. It was developed in Verisk and is considered to be one of the most efficient software. Although beginners may find it hard to use, but professionals believe it to be very beneficial. Xactimate works on Windows, IOS, and Android as well. This software program is mostly applied to restorative construction plans such as maintenance or repair work.  It can also be used for construction projects that need to be started from scratch. Following are some of the main features of Xactimate: 

  • Easy to understand the organization of official documents and plans
  • Research about recent market rates 
  • Contains an Insurtech Tool to measure and keep a record of any losses
  • Creates precise estimates in a short amount of time

Quest Estimating

This is a viable estimating software that helps estimators in the preparation of cost estimates. MEP Estimating For Building can be done in great detail.  Quest Estimating software provides aid in developing standardized estimation information. It allows correlative input of data by individual estimators belonging to different divisions. If at any later point in the construction project, there is a change to be incorporated, it can easily be done by this software. 

If estimators are working on multiple projects at a time, this software allows you to copy previous estimations.  This software helps in identifying market trends. 


This software provides a detailed solution for managing documents and communication all in one place. It provides a great interface with exceptional features that simplifies the flow of work in a construction project. It also allows estimators to be adaptable to any situation that might not be favorable. Often, this software provides numerous features such as

  • PDF creation and formatting
  • Computer-aided design programs. 

This tool is also very useful and extensively used in editing 2D and 3D PDF files inside any program and verifies its measurements. It is widely used by architects, engineers, and construction workers.


To sum it up, MEP Estimating software provides a precise and wider view of what is required in a construction project. It not only strengthens a construction project but also transforms construction altogether. In the past, estimations were done manually which was a time-consuming task as well as costly. Even though an expert is qualified enough, the chance of an error is there even if it is minimal. But with the help of these extraordinary software tools, estimations are now accurate, less expensive, and timely. These softwares are now being used in every aspect of construction making projects more secure and reliable.


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