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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Beauty Salon App Like StyleSeat Clone?

If you ever search for quotations for app development projects like StyleSeat Clone, you’ll never get an accurate cost. Part of the reason for this depends on the features, complexity, and provider you choose.


StyleSeat Clone: Costs of developing a Beauty Salon App

Whenever an entrepreneur sets the budget for overall app development, the basis of the price comes from hourly wages and the contractual agreement. Meanwhile, the app development process takes months to complete. The testing and further refining process for Apple and Google submissions is done during the later stages.

Now, depending on the number of features, screens, sub-panels, and other interfaces, the entire cost of building a Beauty Salon app comes down to around US$90-95k. The price is for custom app development, which involves building the app from scratch. In other words, money from your pocket will go to the pockets of the designers, developers, Q&A, project managers, and testers.

Furthermore, most mid-sized apps fall in the US$50-80k range as well. Therefore, the more features and complexity your beauty salon app requires, the higher the overall cost will be. Planning out “must-have” features and prioritizing them appropriately is key to keeping development costs manageable.

What do you need to make?

In this competitive landscape, creating and launching a simple app won’t cut it. It would help if you armed your business with every single sub-interface you could to smooth the entire registration process. When you have an actively running business, you cannot go back and forth to make changes because, even if you did, chances are your in-app architecture will not be as robust as it was before. Therefore, the best approach is to create everything everywhere, all at once. In other words, you must include a website, web panel, and admin panel apart from the iOS and Android customer and beautician apps.

In total, there are around half a dozen essential platforms that constitute a successful beauty salon business. The reason behind having so many platforms is that everything is done online here, and your target audience is those using both Apple and Google products. Therefore, having an extra web presence coupled with an all-in-one admin panel will set your business apart from others.

Furthermore, your beauty salon app-based business connects your customers with on-demand beauty experts, hair specialists, and makeup artists. They can review their details and see what kind of specialization they have among the list of others. Offering this level of convenience along with multiple payment options will result in quick expansion and more profits.

How does the StyleSeat Clone app work?

First, the app will ask for registrations or logins. The user and the beautician can use their Facebook or Google accounts to enter details like name, mobile number, email address, etc., for registration purposes. Now, an OTP will be requested to verify the information before processing it further. Meanwhile, fingerprints and Face IDs are also available for quick logins.

After a successful login, the user can see a list of all the services an on-demand app offers and can choose either one or multiple other ones as well. Along with this, a list of all the features and their reviews of past work will be shown as per the user’s choice. Moreover, the user can also use filters, such as nearby beauticians or ratings, to get the desired results.

Now, to make the final booking, the user selects the choice of service along with the profile of the beautician before directing towards a certain mode of payment. Here, the user can use cash, a wallet, or a card to make the payment to book the date and the location of the service required. It could be the same day as well.

Now, the request is sent to the beautician, who can either accept or reject it. On accepting the request, the user gets notified with ‘Beautician Service Confirmed,’ and the user can track the use and the location of the beautician. Furthermore, both parties can use the beauty salon StyleSeat Clone app to make calls and texts.

Later, a push notification informing the user with a “Beautician Arrived” message can be displayed on the app upon the arrival of the beautician. Meanwhile, for confirmation, the beautician can also take a photo of the services they are offering.

Rating and Review

After completing the service, the beautician can retake a photo and upload it to the gallery. On the other hand, the user will get a notification of “Beautician Service Completed” on the StyleSeat Clone app. Upon completion of the beautician service, an invoice summary is shared with the user and the beautician, containing the details of the service and the preferred mode of payment. Lastly, the user and the beautician can both rate and review each other.


StyleSeat Clone is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers everything a beauty salon parlor provides to its customers. Therefore, creating an app demands patience and perseverance for all services and features, without any glitches or bugs. If you are planning to launch a beauty salon app or want your salon to have its app, don’t waste months on hiring professional app developers and instead buy a ready-made clone app script that can be customized in just 1-2 weeks.

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