BusinessTop 5 Best Materials Revealed for Custom Soap Packaging

Top 5 Best Materials Revealed for Custom Soap Packaging

Soap packaging market is flourishing and is expected to rise in the future. Custom soap boxes are ideal for protecting the soap product’s quality and value. Quality manufacturing materials are used to make packaging unique and to boost customer engagement. 

With the right packaging, you can increase your product’s visual appeal and protection against external factors. Custom packaging is best for all types of soaps including bar soap, bath bombs, scented soap, herbal soap, etc.

Read in this blog to learn about the top 5 materials for soap packaging that can make your soap product stand out from others. 

Top 5 Materials For Custom Soap Boxes

Different materials are used for various types of packaging to enhance soap presentation on the shelves. High-end quality soaps require more sturdy and luxury packaging to make them unique. Here are the top 5 materials for custom soap boxes to increase your brand visibility: 

1. Kraft 

Kraft is one of the great packaging materials that is made of wood pulp. It offers product protection from damage and external factors as it is durable. If you just started your small online soap business and are looking for packaging, kraft is an excellent choice. 

Use kraft boxes to present your product with a logo to increase your brand awareness. Due to its strength and durability, kraft keeps your soap safe from heat or moisture to maintain its quality. Using kraft will help you leave a lasting impression on your customers with sustainable packaging and product quality. 


2. Cardboard 

Cardboard is a highly suggested material for soap packaging due to its durability and strength. If you are looking for 100% recyclable material for your soap products, cardboard is one of them. Boxes made from cardboard have become a popular choice for every business. You can make your soap packaging with cardboard material to make your product noticeable in the competitive market. 

Cardboard boxes are durable and lightweight and keep your product safe during transit. You can achieve an elegant look with cardboard boxes if you use gold foil stamping, embossing, or lamination for a soap package to give it a luxurious feel. 

3. E-Flute Corrugated 

E-flute corrugated is a double-wall corrugated cardboard and consists of a flat inner layer to provide maximum product protection. It is one of the versatile solutions for soap packaging that offers multiple benefits to make your product safe and apparent. Boxes made of this material are better for crushing or puncturing during moving.

Soap can get easily crippled or edge-crushed due to its softness. Using e-flute corrugated boxes can protect soaps inside and reduce storage space. This material enhances your product’s visual appeal among the competitors to grab more customer attention.  

You can use this material for soap boxes to make your product more attractive for marketing purposes.

4. Plastic Film

For soap packaging, the use of plastic can be effective in wrapping a soap to meet customer needs. The sealed plastic film offers solutions for custom soap packaging to perceive product integrity. They are great for keeping your product safe and protected against external elements such as moisture or heat. 

Make your soap packaging stand out with a plastic pouch using attractive soap labels or other printing methods. Doing so can make your soaps attractive on shelves. Using plastic film can considerably reduce the storage space to help shipping.  

Like other packaging materials, you can use custom-printed plastic bags with labels or information to increase your brand awareness. For example, pillow plastic bags are a popular packaging method for the soap industry.

5. Bags

Elevate your soap brand with bag packaging to give a lasting impression on customers’ minds. For gift purposes and a pleasant environment, these luxury bags are made of organza and mesh plays a vital role. 

These bags can stay aligned with your eco-friendly strategy and give your brand a chance to enhance its image among green supporters. 


The choice of the best materials for custom packaging in soap industries is pivotal and challenging. The packaging does not only provide product protection from damage or contamination, but it also helps your businesses with marketing and branding strategies. 

Keep your scented soap protected from excessive moisture and dryness to preserve its freshness and quality with the right choice of packaging. 

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