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Top Video Game Series of All Time

From the start, video games have changed a lot. They have moved from being simple pixels on a screen to complex, multi-dimensional worlds that can capture the imagination of people all over the world. Among the many different types of digital entertainment available, there are some which are seen as particularly important within the industry. These series have helped to create the culture around video games. Mario’s adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom or Link’s epic quests through Hyrule being prime examples as they have become iconic for gamers themselves as well as shaping what we know about this medium. 

Resident Evil 

In the dim corridors of survival horror, few series are as large or as creepy as Resident Evil. Co-created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara in 1996, Capcom’s legendary franchise opened a new chapter in horror video games where players faced undead creatures, genetic experiments gone wrong and corporate treacheries. For gamers, “Resident Evil” has become synonymous with a nail-biting mixture of action, suspense and fright that had never been experienced before. Starting from the gloomy Spencer Mansion to Raccoon City’s streets infested with zombies – every part of this serial drags you through various locations, each worse than another, filled with disgusting monsters while always keeping tension high.


Starting with discovery of T-virus origins and ending withstanding against Umbrella Corporation’s wicked plans – each part gives a little insight into the collapsing world. Being so famous, stores like The Leather Jacketer now also have jackets worn by the characters in the games for fans who wish to dress like the characters. 

Super Mario Bros.

Ever since it was first released in the eighties, the Super Mario Bros. series has been well known for being a great game and is considered a classic part of the gaming industry. It started out as a simple side- scrolling platform game but has evolved into many different forms, including three- dimensional adventures. What the game is about at its core are the many lively characters within this universe along with its imaginative settings filled with colors plus addictive gameplay mechanics. Saving Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches has turned into an epic story of bravery for the plumber himself. Despite all its various versions such as those found on old NES consoles or newer ones like those seen today on Nintendo Switches — some things never change about Super Mario Bros.


One of the most important things about this series is that it never gets old even if it changes over time. Super Mario Bros started with things like the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower then added wall-jumping or capturing abilities in Super Mario Odyssey. Each game brings in new features which are interesting but at the same time running around levels and jumping on enemies’ heads still feels great. 

The Legend of Zelda

Enter Hyrule’s mystical world, where courage, wisdom and power unite in generations of epic adventures. For more than three decades, The Legend of Zelda series has captivated gamers around the world with its deep lore, inventive gameplay and storytelling created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka from Nintendo. At its core, The Legend of Zelda is a story about heroism and destiny that follows Link’s journey as he sets out on quests to thwart the forces of darkness from seizing control over the kingdom. Starting from the original classic on NES through Breath of the Wild’s vast open worlds, each entry into this franchise provides players with a different kind of experience full of puzzles, dungeons and memorable characters.


The Legend of Zelda is widely known for valuing exploration and discovery. In contrast to most games at its release, the first Zelda game motivated gamers to step away from the main quest and explore by themselves while discovering different things. This element has been retained throughout the series as every new game provides players with large open spaces in which they can investigate and complete. 

Final Fantasy

Step into a world where magic meets technology, where heroes square off against fate, and where those bold enough might find themselves on an epic quest. Since its debut in 1987, the Final Fantasy series has enchanted players with sweeping stories, stunning graphics and groundbreaking gameplay – earning it a place among the most cherished franchises in video game history.  Every entry in this franchise offers gamers an opportunity to explore new lands teeming with diverse characters and filled with deep-rooted myths and legends. From medieval kingdoms depicted in Final Fantasy 4 to science fiction landscapes found within Final Fantasy 7, each installment provides a different backdrop combined with its own engrossing tale that draws people in.


Although its stories are vast, Final Fantasy is distinguished by more than just a compelling narrative. The series has always been innovative with its gameplay mechanics. This includes everything from the famous Active Time Battle system to the huge open worlds seen in recent releases. In RPGs, it has continually raised the bar as far as what can be achieved is concerned. When faced with various environments or taking part in strategic turn-based fights, individuals must constantly adapt and grow their playstyles in order to succeed. 


Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and The Elder Scrolls are the five best video games series ever made. The contribution of each of them has helped to create a rich gaming culture. Mario’s timeless adventures are matched only by Link’s epic quests; while Resident Evil provides heart-stopping terror, Final Fantasy tells stories that enchant each person who hears them unlike anything else can do so because it is all about immersion into The Elder Scrolls’ world.

Their influence stretches further than being confined to just digital. It has spread to pop culture and has caused countless impersonators all over. When considering what they have achieved collectively, it is important for us to appreciate how many millions of people in every corner of this planet have been made happy by them. Video games like these series show how strong of a tool entertainment software can be; not only does it create different realities for us to explore but also enables individuals to build memories that will never be forgotten while bringing people together through play irrespective of their backgrounds or beliefs.

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