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Nostalgic PUBG Map Set for a Return Soon

With the upcoming release and return of the Erangel map, veteran players of PUBG will soon have the opportunity to return to their hometowns. The official name of this map is Erangel Classic, and PlayStation and Xbox players can download it on their PC from May. Unfortunately, the classic Erangel Map won’t be available for mobile players as of this writing. However, the chances of it dropping for mobile in the next couple of months are relatively high, so make sure you have your PUBG Mobile account up and ready to go.

Krafton has stated that this special limited-time download aims to give players a trip down memory lane with a focus on bringing back the old-school PlayerUnknown’s Battleground that millions fell in love with when it debuted in 2017.

The Classic PUBG Map is Available for a Limited Time

Take note that the classic Erangel Map will only be available for a limited time and will replace the current version of the map in Normal Matches. Another good news is that Krafton won’t just be doing a lazy “reskin” or “devolution” of the PUBG map. The developers ensured that this fan-favorite Early Access map will be given the respect it deserves and will deliver that old-school PUBG feel.

For example, the Bench Weapon feature will make its return. For those who are not familiar with Bench weapons, these are armaments that are set on a row of picnic tables found at specific locations on the PUBG map. Think of it as a buffet of guns for any player lucky enough to stumble upon it.

Nostalgia will be in Full Swing with this Classic Map

The classic Erangel Map will also bring back the rather ominous and grimy aesthetic of the PUBG of old. If you have had enough of the generally sunny and cheery vibe of current PUBG maps, you will love the return of the rainy and foggy weather that returns the game to its somewhat gritty roots.

Gameplay-wise, experienced players will also notice a significant reduction to the gun recoil that harkens as close as possible to the early battle royal days of PUBG. With the slew of PUBG Mobile downloadable content coming into PUBG, now might also be the best time for you to top up your PUBG UC. Keeping your PUBG Mobile UC tank full will help you keep a leg up against the competition, so keep that in mind.

Finally, the iconic Tommy Gun will also make a triumphant return via Care Package airdrops to really bring the nostalgic elements full circle for longtime fans. As for newbies, the limited return of the classic Erangel Map can be a fun way to see where PUBG was when it exploded in popularity seven years ago and compare the leaps and bounds that Krafton has made with this ultra-popular multiplayer battle royale game that brought the once niche genre into the spotlight.

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