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Why Millions Of Users Use This App Like Gojek On A Daily Basis?


App Like Gojek holds a tremendous amount of value for Customers because they rely on it for their Day-to-Day requirements. This is a remarkable feat that this Super App has achieved in such a short span of time. It has been encrypted with such precision that only trailblazing features have been embedded in it. All of its 14 Components have been carefully-curated and included keeping in mind the needs of the current Consumer Behavior. The specialty of this highly successful Application Software is that it resonates with all the generations of the society. It is relevant, cool, and above all reasonable!

In the beginning itself, let’s talk about the Sixth Base Component of this Mega App, Service Bidding. Users first fill out a form on the App itself regarding the Task itself that needs to be done. These details include what the work is, what is upper-limit of the Budget, Location, Time, Date and a Note. Now, Customer clicks on the Post button. 

Thereafter, a notification is sent to all the nearby concerned Handymen with all the details. Now, they might accept, reject or Place a Fresh Offer. Interested Handymen will go ahead and place a counter-offer, also will leave a note justifying the same. User will finally make up the mind based on Final Offer, Customer Reviews and Portfolio of the Handyman. These Handymen are Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, and Home Cleaners, among others.

Gojek Clone App and its ultra-modern first Advanced Component is Buying, Selling or Renting of Real Estate. Customers can post a listing on this incredible App to sell their Villas because of its humungous customer base. Such a massive user base gives a positive reassurance to anyone who is trying to sell anything on this platform. Admin at times charges Users to post an Advertisement or at times it is Free of cost. Most of times, Users prefer this setup over contacting an Agent because they charge an exorbitant amount. 

There is an extension of this Component wherein Users try to sell, buy or rent Home Furniture, Electronics, Machinery, etc. Users can even try to club under it Sporting Goods, Lawn & Garden and Business Equipment. The procedure is the same, the Consumer has to first post an Advertisement on the Platform. And for this, they have to contact the App Owner and take permission in the form of purchase of Plan. Because this is the way the Admin makes Money. Thereafter, post the Advertisement and wait for the interested suitors to reach out.

On-Demand Multi-Service App is an insightful software that has been designed to make lives of its Users easier and convenient. That is why Parcel Delivery was introduced which allowed Users to get anything Delivered anywhere within the City. Consumers hire a Delivery Driver from the App and they Pick-Up and Drop-Off Parcels from Location A to Location B. Users are charged on the basis of the distance covered. Delivery drivers are allotted based on how heavy or light the Parcel is, accordingly the type of vehicle is chosen. And for Multiple Deliveries, only Professional Parcel Delivery Drivers are called to action.

Another Base Component is Personal Shoppers and Delivery Runners who’d do errands on behalf of the Customers. Genie have been trained to go to nearby stores or Malls and click pictures of the products that the User wants. User can choose to accept it or reject it. Once approved, Personal Shopper will pay for the products using one’s own money and then deliver it to the User. Upon receiving the Delivery, User pays the entire amount back along with the service fee.

 Users have the luxury to order anything from local stores and they will get it delivered at home. Fifth Base Component is Online Video Consultations with Doctors, Astrologers, Lawyers, Tutors, Fitness Experts and Yoga Instructors, among more. Customers can send in a request to consult with them in Real-Time and only Online Modes of Payments are accepted here. 

Gojek Clone Script is a brilliant mix of human emotions and high-tech because it has been encoded to provide security. Users often worry and live in constant anxiety when their loved ones travel away to a different city. This Marvelous App has come up with a solution, a feature that tracks down physical location of loved ones. Users’ family members travelling have to install this Multi-Service App, then they can be tracked in Real-Time on Maps. 

This feature comes in handy in a different setup as well when workers do their job on the field. Employers need it to keep an eye on their physical location and when did they log in. Workers have to install this App for this to work. But once the shift ends, they have the liberty to turn it off. This is undoubtedly an Advanced Feature of this Splendid App.


Gojek Clone App and its Taxi Component is a raging hit among the Millennials. Customers now have the ability to book Intercity Rides while being on a Budget via the App. Gone are the days when this facility was the Monopoly was the private unregistered Taxi Cab Unions who charged excessively. Multiple Stop-Over-Points is a real blessing because it allows Users to finish errands by pausing Rides numerous times. Although the destination remains the same, but the intermediate stoppages are more than 1 or 2. Using this extraordinary App, Users can now even ask for Doorstep Delivery of Medicines and book Home Visit of Doctors.

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