BlogAge Verification: Ensuring Compliance and Safety in Online Platforms

Age Verification: Ensuring Compliance and Safety in Online Platforms

This blog addresses the need for age verification to protect minors from accessing age-restricted content. Learn about the age verification system to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. 

Age Verification Systems

Online age verification systems are very significant for protecting minors in today’s digital age. With a range of online services and platforms available, it is important to ensure the safety and well-being of minors. As reported by Javelin Research Group in 2017, online identity theft is experienced by over a million adolescents resulting in a $2.6 billion loss. An effective way to create a safe environment for children is to use an age verification solution.

What is Age Verification?

The process of verifying a user’s age is known as age  fibahub verification. It is a part of identity verification. Age verification solution aim is to ensure that minors don’t access age-inappropriate material, services, or goods. There are many forms of age verification checks for example  ID document verification, video verification, age-gating, etc. Due to growing global concerns such as minors protection and money laundering, many countries are further implementing strong measures for age verification. 

  • The UK’s Online Safety Bill
  • The Pan-European Games Information (PEGI) 
  • The European Union’s Digital Services Act
  • California’s Age-Appropriate Design Code Act
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

These law aims to impose strict guidelines and obligations on digital platforms for age check.  They aim to create a safe online space for the younger generation based on the needs of various age groups.

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Importance of Age Verification Checks

Minors Protection:

Age verification checks keep minors from accessing inappropriate products and content. It also assists with establishing a safe online environment for minors.

Compliance with legal obligations: 

Age verification guarantees that the organization agrees with national and international regulations regarding minor protection and age-restricted content or products. Also, this can assist with shielding the organization from claims and exorbitant lawsuits.

Maintaining a good reputation: 

An organization can fabricate trust and keep a decent reputation by verifying the customer’s age.

Reduce the risk of fraud and increase online trust: 

The one step you need to take to protect yourself from fake identity is an age verification system. It helps to ensure better security and increases trust.

How Does Age Verification Work?

Age check is possible in more than one way i.e. both offline and online. The choice of method relies upon variables like the nature of the organization, goals, and the degree of security required. Here are some commonly used age verification #mymadeinke checks.


The traditional method of age verification is to provide personal details such as full name, date of birth, or age during the onboarding process. However, this is not a secure way and is susceptible to counterfeiting.

Credit Card Verification: 

Another way to verify age is through a credit card transaction. In this method, the age of the cardholder is compared with the provided data. This method is commonly used in the online tech industry.

Document Verification: 

Document verification is another way to verify the age. Customers are asked to submit a scanned photo or copy of their identity documents such as an ID document, passport, or driver’s license. Then companies use manual or automated verification software to verify the documents and age of the customer.

Biometric Verification:

The use of distinct traits such as fingerprints, face, voice, and retina for age verification is done through biometric identity verification.

Facial Biometric:

For selfie verification, users are required to take a live selfie. This selfie is then verified against the identity document photo. However, currently, it is recommended to utilize liveness detection to decide whether the same person was available when the picture was taken.

Third-party Age Verification: 

Another way to age check is to integrate third-party services into businesses. The third-party age verification services use methods like biometric verification, database verification, or mobile phone ID  verification to verify the client’s age.

Industries that Benefit from Age Verification

Age-Restricted Commerce: 

Age verification systems are often used for businesses that deal with age-restricted products such as medication. 5.4% of teens in 2020 used prescription drugs for nonmedical purposes reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA),.

Alcohol and Tobacco companies: 

The reason for the age checks in the alcohol and tobacco industry is to guarantee that individuals buying liquor or tobacco are of lawful age. The FDA has laid out “18” years as a legitimate age to sell and purchase tobacco items.

Vaping industry: 

Age verification checks safeguard minors from getting to vaping items

Adult Industry:

Businesses that offer adult services or products should check the age of their clients. As reported by Common Sense,73% of adolescent respondents aged 13 to 17 have watched adult content online, with the greater part (54%) having seen adult content before the age of 13.

Financial Institutions: 

In financial organizations such as banks, age verification check reduces the risk of fraud and provides extra protection.

Online Gaming and Gambling:

To ensure that games are appropriate for the target audience it is significant to check age. Also, there should be an age check for participating in gambling as per the Gambling Commission report 14% of 11-16-year-olds spent their own money on gambling up from 12% in 2017.

Can Age Verification Checks be Automated?

Age verification checks can be automated either partially or fully. With the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, age verification systems have been simplified. Automated systems are used to scan submitted documents, cross-reference them with databases, and detect irregularities or signs of manipulation.

Why Choose Facia for Age Verification?

Age verification is significant to protect minors from the negative effects of age-restricted content, goods, and services. One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to do this is to use age verification online. Facia’s age verification services facilitate the onboarding of users into various industries. We use an automated process to streamline the verification process and ensure compliance with age-restricted laws and regulations.

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